Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back on the road again...

After nearly 4 months the car is back on the road and doing well.  

The engine starts quickly and runs fine, still in the break in period so not pushing it too hard.  Managed to find a proper two cable choke so that problem is solved.  Steering is a bit sloppy so will have to do some tightening up of that at some point.  Had a chance to put this up on a lift and found out that the muffler has a few holes.   Sounds ok but will also have to be replaced at some point.  

Here is a few photos of the first test drive after engine assembly.  Ran a bit rough which is understandable.  No hood as you can see.  The engine ran much better after Dave (from British Motor Sports in Campbell) pointed out that the vacuum advance hose was incorrectly attached to the vacuum retard.  He also pointed out that the vacuum advance module was not working at all.   Runs much better with the new module and proper attachment. 

The link below is a short video of the first drive, notice that the transmission cover is not installed as well. This made it easier to check the drive shaft bolts and top off the gear box oil.

Interior is basically done as well, just have to install the radio and speaker and put in the final piece of carpet over the transmission tunnel.  The temp gauge is now working fine, the ground wire was not connected so that is why it read high all the time.  Like many GT6's the heater unit is installed by the water hoses are not connected.  Behind the dash is pretty messy, at some point I will have to pull everything out and re-install the heater, wiring etc,  but not any time soon.

 Out for a drive on Christmas eve, perfect kind of road for this car!

The car even made its way into the family Christmas card this year!